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Bluebell Fashion International Ltd, Reliable & Dependable Woven, Sweater / Knitwear Garment manufacturer and supplier from Narayangonj, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Under an energetic and dynamic management team Bluebell Fashion International Ltd, has made every effort to meet the customer’s keen demand. At present Bluebell Fashion International Ltd, currently has agreement with 4 (Four) factories at Bangladesh for Woven and Knitwear Garment including 20 production line for woven and 28 production line for knit.

In today’s world the key to success of any customer is to identify the country to source the right product at right price. This is where we will step into cater your needs.

We maintain a constantly high standard of business conduct, ethics and social responsibility. We take pride in the efficiency of what we do and always employ the most effective and latest technology available.

We produce and supply all kinds of Garment Products as per customers demand in both
Knit – Fine Cotton Knits, T-shirt, Tank top, Polo shirt, Jersey shirt, Sweatshirts, Jogging suits, Job-Pant, Shorts, Trouser, Polar Fleece items, Pullover.

Woven – Pants, Shorts, Bermuda, Trouser, Dresses & Denim items.


Lingerie – Bra, Panty, Hipster, Brief, Boxer.

We pieces great emphasis on product development, working closely with fabric and trim suppliers in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Korea. Prior to every season we carry out:

  • Trend forecasting for:
    – Garment Styling
    – Fabric Trends
    – Embroidery & Printing
    – Colors
  • Investigation into:
    – Raw material cost trends
    – Prices of ongoing sample fabric

We have the team of professional staffs in monitoring the factory daily operations and communicating our vendors as well as our customers. Having own production management team to lead the production in cutting, sewing, trimming, pressing and finishing. The teams are controlling the consistence and precise in production.

We have our own communication system by linking with its marketing office and factory, for the data processing as well as the information exchange within the group and outside the world. The communication system is well equipped with modern system in communicating with our customers and vendors. All our customers and vendors can reach us by land phone, cell phone and e-mail effectively and conveniently.

In all, by using the modern technologies in the communication and the production management, we can effectively provide satisfactory service to all of our customers.

Bluebell Fashion International Ltd, has its own quality control team to control the product quality during each state of the production cycle. The quality control specialists are working independently and directly report to the Management. Furthermore, all the quality activity is audited and monitored regularly and periodically by its head office.

There are two important checkpoints in our quality control activities during the production cycle, which is monitored and audited by the head office, they are incoming fabric, accessories material quality testing and the pilot lots testing. Until and unless the fabric, accessories quality testing is passed by our in-house test and the pilot lot 200 pieces of every order is approved by our quality in-charge from the head office, the bulk production of the order is not allowed to be started.

Our in-line & final inspection team is followed strictly our company quality control & assurance standard operation procedure for inspecting the product and/or the semi-product quality in the production line.

It is guarantee by the management of Bluebell Fashion International Ltd, that all the shipped merchandises are up to the customer’s quality standard.

Currently our garments are exported to EEC countries and & United Kingdom; where responding to the demands of our customers and maintaining strict quality control and part of our routine operation.

Main Market




  • Italy
  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Denmark
  • Poland
  • U.S.A
  • U.K


Items Production Capacity / Month
Knitwear Garment 150,000 doz
Woven Items 45,000 doz
Lingerie 35,000 dzn
Factory Address [Knit -1] : United Knit Wears Limited.
Factory Address [Knit -2] : Pappillon Knit Composite Limited
Factory Address [Knit -3] : Eurotex Knitwear Limited
Factory Address [Knit -4] : Knit Garden Pvt Limited
Factory Address [Knit -5] : PM Apparel PVT Limited

Factory Address [Woven -1] : Anupom Fashion Wear Limited
Factory Address [Woven -2] : Samia Garments (Pvt.) Limited
Factory Address [Lingerie] : Lakhsma Innerwear Ltd.

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